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Nicholas Barczak

  • President of DMS
  • A consultant working in the marine industry for over a decade.
  • A traditional tall ship sailor.
  • A geek who thinks ships are awesome.
  • An idealist who wants boats to be even more awesome!


Contact Information


You can view Nick’s professional profile on LinkedIn.

DMS became my outlet to solve a gap I saw in the consulting industry.  Every consultant I knew published the same type of marketing content.  All of it proclaimed they were the best.  But none of the marketing provided any real knowledge or information.  Nothing to actually help our clients.  And I saw clients signing contracts with the wrong expectations for the consultant.  By the time we sign a contract, it is too late to really change any expectations.  The consulting relationship gets largely influenced by what happens before we start a contract for work.

I wanted to reach the marine industry in a meaningful way.  Share real useful knowledge.  And try to help people before they needed me to solve a problem.  I want to help everyone avoid issues before they even become a problem.  For me, consulting is about preventing problems and reassuring my clients to ensure success.