When you comparison shop between consulting engineering companies, they all start to look the same.  The firms demonstrate their competence.  They brag about years of experience and past notable projects.  That establishes their competence.  But as the client, you deserve more.  A professional consultant must display more than simple intelligence.

You need to know what makes DMS special.  Why you should hire DMS.


Most consultants offer generalized engineering services.  They customize each solution to specific client needs.  This means the consultants must reinvent their process for each job.  By contrast, DMS focuses on specific market segments and optimizes our process to create a set of highly efficient analysis components.  By combining these analysis components, DMS can deliver efficient customized solutions.


Another weakness of most consultants is their geographic location.  Most marine consultants are based around major US ports.  These include the following major cities:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Houston, TX
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Washington, DC

These cities either have a high cost of living, very competitive salaries, or have difficulty attracting good talent.  All the location disadvantages reflect in the consulting prices.

With the connectivity of the internet and modern telecommunications, location became less critical.  When you hire a consulting engineer, 90% of the work gets done at a desk that can be located anywhere with sufficient communications and data connectivity.  DMS operates away from expensive port cities, delivering the same quality people at a lower cost.  We communicate with our clients through email, phone calls, video conferencing, and the occasional on-site meeting.

Science is Confidence

For me, the word science conjures one emotion above all others:  CONFIDENCE.  At DMS, we are scientists.  Our product is confidence.  The confidence to trust your life to our designs and analysis.  We test all processes internally before working with you.  You can see our confidence presented in several aspects of our work:

PE Stamp On Every Deliverable

Many engineers fear using their professional engineer’s (PE) stamp, because of the potential legal liability.  Figuratively speaking, the PE stamp boldly declares that an engineer accepts personal responsibility for the deliverable.  They stake their reputation on the integrity of their work.

At DMS, we believe you deserve that stamp and the confidence it implies.  Before you can trust your life to our analysis, we should be confident enough to stake our reputation on it.  That is why, regardless of our legal obligations, every final deliverable gets a fully sealed PE stamp.  Because you deserve confidence.

Full Warranty Support

Occasionally, we make mistakes at DMS.  In those cases, we correct any engineering mistakes, free of charge.  No time limit on our warranty coverage.  If we made a mistake, we have a duty to correct it.  It’s that simple.

(Note:  Our full contract normally places some restrictions on extent of warranty coverage.  For example:  we don’t warranty any changes to our work.)

Quality Control

Every document goes through a full quality control check.  We have rigorous checksheets for all major deliverables.  Any lessons learned go back into these QA sheets, so we never repeat our mistakes.