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Free Surface Moment

Without proper management, the shifting liquid in a ship’s tanks can create a lethal scenario. Free surface moment (FSM) is one of the most frequently misunderstood elements in ship operation. The deck officer that values their life wants to understand free surface moment. The physics behind it, and how it applies to ship operating limits.
Improve Engineering Value: Extract the Most from Engineering Simulations

Improve Engineering Value

We all want to feel good about paying for engineering analysis. Sometimes the best answer drives us to maximize value, rather than minimize cost. In those cases, you do better to go beyond basic safety and search for enhancements. Today we discuss four engineering tasks where you can maximize your value. Extract every last drop of knowledge from your engineering project.

Stability Fails at Seakeeping

Stability and seakeeping are frequently misunderstood. To understand the limits of these sciences, we must unveil the motivation behind their development. How to guarantee ship safety on an uncertain ocean?
Graph: Hullform Design Space

Video: Selecting the Right Hullform

Monohull, catamaran, trimaran . . . so many choices. Which hullform to pick? Can we draw upon any science to guide our choices, or we beg Lady Luck to guide us? This article provides a rational and design map for selecting hullforms applicable to any type of mission. This organized approach allows us to see past the limitations of historic examples and consider new alternatives.

GHS Tutorials: Macros and Scripting

GHS is nothing without macros.
Title Testing List and Loll

Do We Have a Problem: Testing for List and Angle of Loll

1.0 Introduction NEVER WASTE MONEY
Angle of Loll Title Page

Angle of Loll: Hidden Dangers to Stability

1.0 Introduction PANIC!  Well, at

GHS Tutorials: Structural Analysis

Did you know that GHS

Keep An Even Keel: Dealing With Ship List

1.0 Introduction List is everywhere

GHS Tutorials: Intact and Damage Stability

Will the ship flip over?

More GHS Tutorials: Reports And Hydrostatics

General Hydrostatics (GHS):  The de

Updated GHS Tutorials

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Extreme Roll

Extreme Stability

A contractor comes up to
Ship Capsize

Stability Decay

I knew a ship owner

Stability Test

The purpose of a stability