Core Values

Imagine Your Ship Without Limits


Business handshake

At DMS, we believe consultants must do more than match industry expectations.  We should be the leaders, seeking new opportunities to improve ships.  Always asking:  how to make this better?

Better can include more affordable.  Plenty of vessel owners want to improve their ship, but restrictive budgets leave no room for costly consulting fees.  At DMS, we aim to create more affordable services.  Let everyone benefit from our knowledge.  Because safety should not be a luxury.  It is essential to every ship.


Core Values

Confidence and Safety

Above all else, we must ensure safety and deliver our results with confidence.  Good engineering starts with good science, and builds with trustworthy business relationships.  At DMS, we test our methods.  We invest in internal development.  We perform quality checks on every deliverable.  Because you deserve more than a good sales pitch.  You deserve the confidence that science can deliver.


Engineers don’t use magic; we use science.  As the client, you deserve to understand that science.  We don’t skimp on the details just to save a few dollars.  We aim to provide detailed reports on every analysis, explaining our whole approach (Premium Services):

  • What we did
  • Our methods
  • Our assumptions
  • Limitations to our approach
  • Full results and discussion
  • Highlights from those results

This grants you all the details to get a third-party confirmation of our results.  Because science stands on its own merits.  And we stand behind our science.

Forming Partnerships

That transparency extends into our pricing and business relationships.  We don’t hide behind single line estimates, or cryptic contracts.  We strive to become your partner.  A trusted member of your design team.  So it seems fair that we trust you.  Our contracts are fair and flexible.  Our cost estimates include all the details.  We lay out our plan of attack, and the costs for each step.  You get to decide, customize, and prioritize your project.

The partnership gets even better when the project begins.  If problems arise, we promptly inform you and solve them together.  If we forgot something in our cost estimates, we work with you to find a solution, usually at a loss to us.  Because the most important goal is high quality engineering, and then a profitable business relationship.  That is how we form trusting business relationships, because you deserve our trust.

Accessible Pricing

Safety and good engineering should be a right of every shipowner, not just the super rich.  We work hard to deliver accessible pricing for all budgets.  By employing computer automation, we can deliver projects faster at a lower cost.  When we focus on efficiency, more options become available to all our clients.  The end result:  safer boats for everyone.

Industry Leaders

To be the best, you need to take the lead.  By serving our clients, we gain first hand knowledge of the true needs in our industry.  We want to develop solutions for those needs.  At DMS, we encourage research and development.  We search for that next industry breakthrough.  Maybe it’s a new propeller, or just a simple application to help manage vessel stability.  Either way, our innovation doesn’t end with our clients.  We always ask what comes next for the industry.