400 GHS Basic Hydrostatics

410 GHS Draft and Trim

Introduces how to specify drafts, trims and heel in GHS.  Also covers how to report this information back out.  There are multiple methods for specifying draft.  Same for trim.  This video covers all those various methods.


Homework 411

Download “Homework 411” Homework411.zip – Downloaded 117 times – 8 KB

Practice the various methods to specify draft and trim.  Includes homework and solution.




420 GHS Weight

Introduces all the various ways to specify weights in GHS.  Light ship weight, fixed weights, and tank weights.  Includes the multiple ways to specify tank fill levels.  Also explains several different options for achieving equilibrium.


Homework 421

Download “Homework 421” Homework421.zip – Downloaded 87 times – 7 KB

Practices adding various weight items to a vessel. Defines a light ship weight, as a single weight item. Also adds a fixed weight item. And a few tank loads. Finally develops a departure loading condition. In this condition, you add a few weight items, and then set a specified draft, trim, and heel. You then load the tanks to equalize with this specified condition.  Includes homework and solution.




430 GHS Status Command

Dives into detail about the GHS status command.  All the various ways that you can use the status command, and how to filter the information returned from the status command.


Homework 431

Download “Homework 431” Homework431.zip – Downloaded 83 times – 8 KB

Practice the various incarnations of the status command.  Master all the various filters you can apply.




440 GHS Hydrostatics

You run the hydrostatics command and columns of numbers pour out.  But what do each of those columns mean?  This tutorial covers each of the outputs from the hydrostatics commands.  Also covers the various ways that you can customize the hydrostatics output to provide exactly what you want.


Homework 441

Download “Homework 441” Homework441.zip – Downloaded 93 times – 9 KB

Explore the various uses of the GHS command the cross curves command.