You face a conundrum when hiring a marine consultant: how to select the right one? We typically hire consultants to add expertise that we need. But how do we evaluate a consultant when they are the experts? What questions do we ask? Where do we find marine consultants to select from?

I answer these questions in a new video series: How to Hire a Marine Consultant. I take my experience from nearly a decade in the consulting industry and peel back the veil of marketing. I cover all the questions that you want to ask a marine consultant. Where you should look to find them. And much more. No commercials or favoritism. Just honest advise about to find the right marine consultant that fits your needs.

For the first video, we start with the most basic question: Why do we need a marine consultant? After all, engineers are expensive. What value do we get in return? As the video explains, it comes down to three basic problems: ships sink, ships are expensive, and ships are complicated. Watch the video to get the full details.