At DMS, we customize our services to meet your needs.  This is analogous to seeing a doctor.  Start with your problem, and we can develop a customized solution.  The examples below list just a few of the services we can offer.


Towboat Ben McCool
(Not DMS Design)


Modification and Newbuild

  • Machinery installation support
  • Vessel modifications
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Concept design and optimization
  • Cost estimates


Maintenance Engineering

  1. Stability test
  2. Trim and stability update
  3. Class society calculations
  4. Machinery installation support
  5. Maintenance and regulatory update support


Shipyard Support

  1. Crane lifting calculations
  2. Foundations design
  3. Weld sizing
  4. Class society calculations


Advanced Analysis

  1. Finite element analysis
  2. Composite structural analysis
  3. Composite finite element analysis
  4. Fatigue finite element analysis
  5. Computational fluid dynamics


Solution Development

Projects can be very unique.  This is where DMS excels. Our staff spent the last decade developing solutions to unique problems.  We have a smooth process for creating solutions to your problems.

  1. Extensive communication to understand your problems and goals
  2. Review similar industry examples
  3. Develop a plan of attack to minimize risks and control project budget
  4. Develop solutions
    1. Validate our solutions
    2. Test that solutions apply to your situation
  5. Solve your problem.