FEA Validation

DMS completed an FEA validation study of uniform pressure loaded on a plate.  Final results showed a low 1.50% margin of error! This validation case particularly applies to FEA with ships.  Uniform pressure loads on ships occur all over the place.  Practically every deck on the ship gets designed based on a uniform hydrostatic pressure.  This validation study also applies to hydrostatic varying loads on side shell plates.    This one validation study demonstrates that DMS can accurately apply FEA to practically every major plate structure on a ship!

These validation experiments prove accuracy of FEA methods and the accuracy of the engineers using the software.  All simulations have some margin of error in them.  A reliable engineer acknowledges this and reports the margin of error.  DMS conducts these validation studies for quality control and to prove the reliability of our methodology.

Validation cases may not produce impressive graphics, because that is not the goal.  When your life depends on the results of an FEA analysis, will you ask about the impressive graphics, or the accuracy of the results?  At DMS, we prove our accuracy.

FEA Services at DMS

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA allows us to analyze any array of complex structures. This yields new designs and reduced structure weight. DMS validates every FEA model for accuracy.

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Fatigue Finite Element Analysis

Fatigue finite element analysis can extend your vessel life and create efficient plans for inspection and prevantive maintenance.

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Composite Finite Element Analysis

When you require detailed control over your structure, DMS offers composite finite element analysis. The benefits of composites plus FEA.

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