Maintenance Engineering

Ships age just like the rest of us, and they need maintenance.


Stability Test

DMS can conduct stability tests on a range of vessels.  This includes:

  • Stability test procedure
  • Deadweight survey
  • Incline experiment
    • Freeboard measurements
    • Weight movements
  • Data quality control
  • Stability test report
  • Submission of test report review
  • Issue to temporary stability letter

Trim and Stability Update

After every major vessel modification, you generally need to update the vessel’s stability documentation.  With only a 2% change in light ship weight, a stability test becomes necessary.  After the stability test, you need a trim and stability update.

  • For many vessels regulated by the US Coast Guard, it becomes required.
  • See MTN 04-95

Our services include many different forms of stability analysis.

  • Intact stability
  • Passenger vessel stability
  • Subdivision draft / Load line calculation
  • Damage stability
  • Probabilistic damage stability
  • Longitudinal strength
  • Stability improvements

We provide stability analysis that clearly identifies the chain of applicable regulations and outlines your requirements.  Critical points are identified and we provide recommendations for any small changes that may improve vessel stability.

Stability Letter / Stability Booklet

After the stability analysis, you still need everything condensed into simpler documentation.  This may be a stability letter or stability booklet, depending on your vessel type.  We work with the relevant maritime regulators to develop your stability documentation and get it approved.

  • Stability letter
  • Stability booklet
  • Barge loading manual

Class Society Calculations

DMS can provide any range of support in class society calculations.

  • Concept design scantlings
  • Full structural scantling drawings
  • Full structural scantling calculations
  • Plating renewal calculations

Machinery Installation Support

Do you have new machinery that you need to install?  Some large winches?  maybe a new crane.  DMS can provide support on the installation process.

  • Structural foundation design
    • Finite element analysis (FEA) for complicated foundations
  • Vendor comparisons
  • Construction specifications

Maintenance and Regulatory Update Support

Regulations change.  Vessels change in classification.  DMS can help you navigate through the array of regulatory changes and plan for new developing regulations.