Vessel Mission Studies

Before you can design the ship, you need to design the mission.  A mission study progresses from a vague goal to a set of concrete objectives and basic parameters for a new concept design. 

  1. DMS interviews our client and discusses their business goals
  2. We develop a list of objectives and mission operating areas
  3. We research the mission to determine critical vessel dimensions
    1. Range
    2. Draft limitations
    3. Breadth limitations
    4. Air draft limitations
  4. We develop required performance criteria for the vessel
    1. Efficiency
    2. Powering configuration (diesel, electric, combo, etc.)
    3. Seakeeping
    4. Cargo capacity
  5. We then research competitors to establish reasonable norms
  6. All results get summarized into a design basis report.

The final deliverable from this study is a design basis report.  The report specifies the objectives for the concept design.  It provides a clearly defined challenge for the engineering objective of the project. 

DMS goes beyond the basics.  By dedicating time to interview our clients, we also specify priorities in our design basis.  Ship design pivots on priorities.  A well-constructed design basis report helps engineers understand your perspective and smooths future communications.  The design basis can also include equipment brand preferences and crew preferences for certain vessel features.  Start your next ship on the right step by clearly stating the mission.

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