Vessel Modification and Newbuild

Vessels change a lot during their life.  They become swirl of activity.  When major changes are involved, you need an engineer to provide some constructive guidance on all that change.

Machinery Installation Support

DMS can help with vendor selection and evaluation of new machinery.

  • Foundation designs
  • Weight impact analysis
  • Vendor comparison

Ballast Water Treatment

Do you need a ballast water treatment system?  The best system depends on the operational profile of your vessel.  DMS has extensive experience comparing systems from all major vendors.

  • Vendor comparison and selection
  • Machinery space arrangements
  • Foundation designs
  • Piping diagrams
  • Regulatory assessment

Ship Discharging Ballast Water
(Not a DMS design)


Concept Design and Optimization

Here is the problem with a concept design:  every part of a ship design depends on other parts.  The estimated ship weight depends on structural design, which requires knowledge of the vessel power, and vessel powering depends on the ship weight . . . around and around the spiral we go, with no starting point in sight.

Designers get around this problem by using best practices for designs.  Prescribed ratios of length to beam, assume the engine weight is a certain percentage of total weight, etc.  Except that with those best practices, every ship starts its life looking like all the ships that came before.  No real improvement is possible since every design gets based on the last one.

At DMS, we employed a more creative approach.  Our concept design tool allows us to start with best practices, but then automatically explore variations from that starting point.  Our tool can evaluate hundreds of variations and identify the best solution for you.

You started a concept design because you want something new, not a copy of last year’s ship.  Let DMS explore the horizon and find your next ship concept.  After settling on basic ship parameters, our concept design work can include a full set of deliverables:

  • General arrangement and profile drawing
  • 3D model
  • Lines plan
  • Basic structural scantlings (midship section)
  • Parametric weight estimate
  • Preliminary stability analysis
  • Powering estimate
  • Construction cost estimate
  • More details as requested. . .

Vessel Modification

Don’t want to start with a blank sheet of paper?  Vessel modifications are a great way to go.  Re-purpose your vessel with a new mission and lease on life.  DMS can assist with this.

  • Structural drawings
  • Vessel powering analysis
  • Construction specification
Go from ThisTo This
(Well, not completely.  We can’t work miracles.)

Boat Wreck
(Not DMS Design)

Harbor Tug
(Not DMS Design)

Cost Estimates

Cost is probably the first question we ask about any new vessel, and one of the hardest questions to answer.  DMS can provide cost estimates with multiple options on level of detail.  Contact us for a solution on your next project.