When you comparison shop between consulting engineering companies, they all start to look the same.  The firms demonstrate their competence.  They brag about years of experience and past notable projects.  That establishes their competence.  But as the client, you deserve more.  A professional consultant must display more than simple intelligence.

You need to know what makes DMS special.  Why you should hire DMS.

Automation Achieves More

When Henry Ford mass produced cars, he limited the options.  Increased efficiency required less flexibility.  At DMS, we achieve both efficiency and flexibility.  DMS automates the tools in our design process, but we still customize the design to each client.  We mass produce the mathematics of ship design:  advanced calculation spreadsheets, drafting macros, 3D modeling software that quickly generates 2D production drawings.  Our automation reduces the grunt work of ship design and frees our team to focus on refined results.  We produce improvements, not math.

Scientists in Ship Design

Automation still requires a strong foundation in science.  We believe the foundation of ship science grows from our own initiative.  DMS invests in our own independent research and development.  Improvements to the ship design process from one project get reintegrated to benefit all our clients.  That innovation returns to our clients as improved vessel capabilities and new contributions to ship science. 

We believe that ship science yields a unique benefit:  confidence in the results.  As scientists, we prove the quality of our work.  We validate our processes internally; test all our automation; and we quality check every deliverable that leaves our office.  Our QA sheets are available on request.  And our advanced simulations all have validations to prove accuracy.  Rigorous science yields reliable designs. 

Experts in the Design Process

At DMS, we approach ship designs differently.  We see ships as a design process, not as a list of unique features.  We specialize in the process of ship design, benefiting from the commonalities between ships.  Thanks to this structure, every project tests and improves our design process. 

A key element in the design process is you.  You tell us what makes your ship unique.  What is important to you.  Rather than designing to a template, we focus on your needs as part of the design process.  For example:  why design a fishing trawler with a refrigerated cargo hold if that trawler only tows its net to the nearby fish processing ship?  Instead, save the cost of a refrigeration plant and get extra room for more fuel tanks.  When we customize vessels with laser focus, they become the best asset in your business arsenal. 



Educators and Partners

Other firms claim expertise; DMS shows our expertise.  We regularly publish articles and videos about ship design.  We happily offer general advice and project plans for free.  Just call us to learn more.  At DMS, we believe that well informed clients are better armed to make the best decisions.

When you work with us on a project, DMS steps up from educators into partners.  We embrace transparency and prepare our clients for each project.  We clearly explain the risks of each project and plan contingencies.  We recognize your expertise as the vessel owner / operator, and we frequently seek your input to ensure the project develops to match your expectations.  You deserve to be respected as an equal, partners working together to finish the project. 



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