Which CFD?

Is there anything that CFD can’t do? Practically speaking, we can achieve the result, but you may regret paying for the answer. Several CFD projects involve combinations of different CFD methodologies. Combined together, they evolve into a major project risk. Gain some insight about the risk factors for your next CFD project. Plan a strategy to minimize project risks so that you don’t get caught by combining unknown cost increases.

What is CFD

What is CFD? It uses the computer and adds to our capabilities for fluid mechanics analysis. If used improperly, it can become an incredible waste of time and money. With the right engineer, CFD can be cost effective, incredibly informative, and offer unparalleled flexibility. But what is this wonder of modern science? Learn more about this expansive tool.

Breakthrough Technology for Oil Spill Cleanup

Extreme spill technology (EST) developed a new approach to oil recovery. It works on the ocean, simpler and more reliable. Want to learn more?

Six Ways to Break the Ship

Why are ship structures so labor intensive to design? Engineers need to anticipate multiple methods of failure, which makes a lot of work. The trick of efficient structural analysis focuses on recognizing which methods of failure are likely in each scenario. This article reveals six major methods of structural failure, with examples of common applications. Because it will be the failure mode you didn’t consider that ultimately leads to catastrophe.

Waterjets: When to Use, Pros and Cons

Waterjets are fun. They give you great maneuvering control and promise much higher efficiency at high speeds. But that flexibility comes with the price of more subtle limits on performance. Used incorrectly, waterjets perform worse than propellers. This article focuses on the merits of waterjets, with focus on the most important factor: efficiency.

Imagine Your Ship Without Limits

We Improve Your Vessel Operating Limits

Vessels are hampered by limitations everywhere.  For example:  cargo limits to maintain ship stability, crane limits to prevent dropping the load, structural limits to avoid breaking the ship.  Limits restrict vessel operations and restrain your business.  They permeate every aspect of commercial vessels.

DMS sees potential instead of limits.  We improve your business by pushing against vessel operating limits.  By conducting our own targeted research and development, DMS cultivates the science to push back boundaries and achieve more.  At DMS, we challenge you to see beyond the current restrictions of your ship.  Instead, ask what vessel capabilities you require to achieve your business goals.  DMS can help you achieve those goals.

Automation Achieves More

DMS believes in continuous improvement for ships, and for our own business.  We employ computer automation to constantly improve efficiency on a wide scope of tasks.  Computer automation can reduce the time (and cost) of a task from weeks down to days.  This lowers your total cost and allows more time for the engineers to focus on those critical stages that can’t be automated.  Let the engineers search for improvements to your vessel, and let the computers run the math.  Then everyone wins. 

The advantages of automation allow DMS to dive deeper into expanding your vessel capabilities.  We can rapidly revise the design and try several solutions.  This allows more room for creativity and fitting our solutions into your business needs.  At DMS, engineers do more than perform math and process spreadsheets.  We imagine a better future for your vessel and your business. 

Extraordinary Solutions

Automation does not limit us to just the routine work.  Occasionally, we all want something truly unique.  In these cases, DMS offers premium services to break ground and exceed expectations.  This includes advanced services like:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Genetic optimization of concept designs
  • Composite material engineering

We give you the freedom to imagine a better option.  But you still benefit from our groundwork in efficiency driven design.  Many premium projects include large portions of routine engineering.  We save cost on the routine, leaving you more budget to focus on the extraordinary.

You Call the Shots

At DMS, we work closely with the foremost expert for your vessel:  you.  We don’t force you into one vessel class.  Instead, we design to match your business.  No one else understands your business needs better than yourself.  We invest the time to break out of preconceptions and customize each vessel as the best asset in your business arsenal.  You get to decide what matters, and we listen.

 This focus on your needs also eliminates many crew frustrations.  The vessel operators and managers demonstrate an instinctive expertise that we gratefully utilize.  The little details matter.  Sea yarns transform into design suggestions.  Your suggestions turn into design improvements.  Efficient ship designs revolve around efficient crew.  At DMS, the design process revolves around the end user, you

Your Advisor and Partner

DMS develops partnerships with our clients, based on mutual respect.  Long before our clients need our services, we offer free education about ship design topics.  Informed clients are better armed to make the best decisions.  And we listen.  We ask about your business and ships; we try to anticipate your needs.  Our partnerships grow from respect, not a mere exchange of money. 

And DMS will be ready to help on your next challenge.  We offer engineering services, free educational articles, and more.  Contact us for free general advice or project plans to prepare for your future needs.  At DMS, every ship deserves a better future. 


Datawave Marine Solutions took the time to understand our project and worked with us to develop an analysis package that fit our budget and our engineering needs. Reports were detailed with high quality graphics, data limitations summarized in plain English, and most importantly – everything was delivered in a timely manner. 

Calendar Marine

I’ve known Nicholas for a few years professionally and he is extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of Naval Architecture, FEA, CFD, programming and engineering in general.  Every time I have spoken to him I learn something new, so he is constantly improving his skills (if you follow him you learn from his posts).  If I were looking for a consultant in his field, I’d definitely hire him.

Dan Combest

Sr. CFD Engineer, Manager, Engys