Because boats are awesome!  Datawave Marine Solutions (DMS) is passionate about two things:  ships, and using  science to advance ship design.  The marine industry has a proud heritage, steeped in tradition.  Often that tradition wisely calls for caution and conservative safety.  But sometimes, tradition becomes restrictive and overly conservative actions limit us in the name of safety.  This is why DMS focuses on engineering through science.

Science gives us the tools to determine when caution is required, or when we can push the boundaries and do the extraordinary.  It brings confidence.  Where others try loud boasting to create false confidence, the scientist quietly speaks with absolute certainty.  Armed with science and determination, we pursue the frontier of ship design.

  • Ships that tackle the tallest waves.
  • Engines that effortlessly burn the tiniest drop of fuel.
  • Engineering that becomes ever more cost effective.
  • Redundancies that render human error nearly impossible.

The challenges of the sea are limitless, and DMS quests for a ship equally limitless in capabilities.  We offer engineering services, educational articles, and general advice.  We hope to help transform your next project from typical to revolutionary.