What can be better than an extended article revealing several secrets to great Finite Element Analysis (FEA)?  A video that delivers the same information in about 10 minutes!

DMS originally published an article on this subject in late 2017.  We received extensive positive feedback for that article. 

But we pay attention to our clients and noticed that our YouTube videos received far wider distribution.  So we took a good idea and expanded it.  This video covers the same topic, but accessible to a much wider audience.

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Example of FEA Mesh [2]
Example of FEA Mesh [2]

Please share this video with everyone you know.  Especially with new FEA engineers.  We need to learn more than just the software.  FEA requires more than a few buttons on a screen.  We need to teach a solid foundation in good modeling practices.  University teachers:  give this link to your class.  Let everyone learn good modeling practices from the beginning.

When we all work together, we raise the standard for everyone.  This delivers more consistent engineering and ensures satisfied clients, no matter who performs the FEA.

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