Video: Selecting the Right Hullform

Graph: Hullform Design Space

In August, 2018 we posted an article with some general guidance on how to select the right hullform.

Choose from the following:

  • Monohull
  • Catamaran
  • Trimaran
  • Planing Hull

Due to popular demand, we wrapped everything into a short video for your enjoyment.  Plug this into your ear and listen for a quick education in hull selection.

Options for Hullform Selection

Monohull One of the most versatile ship types available.  Excellent high weight capacity.

Container Ship Just Exiting Port
Container Ship


Best at low weight
cargoes, where you need large amounts of deck space.


Great hybrid between
catamaran and monohull.  Excellent
stability.  Moderate weight capacity and
moderate deck area.

Trimaran Yacht


Specialized hullform
designed to minimize seakeeping motions.
Especially useful for survey and research work.

Hull [2]

Delivers high speed
capabilities in a very small package.


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